Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does My Price Lawyers Referral Service Cost?

My Price Lawyers will help connect you to an appropriate attorney for your need at no cost. There is no fee what so ever to call My Price Lawyers to be directed to an experienced attorney.

What Does a Lawyer in the My Price Network Charge?

With My Price Lawyers, our goal is to help you find an attorney you can afford. Attorneys in the My Price Lawyers network handle cases that come through at a discounted rate. My Price Lawyers feel that clients should not have to worry about how they will afford an attorney. All clients should know their rights and have experienced and qualified representation. At My Price Lawyers clients can get representation at discounted rates, including:

Does The Florida Bar Certify Attorneys in My Price Lawyer?

Although we hold our network of lawyers to a high standard to help clients to the best of their ability, the bar does not certify the attorneys with My Price Lawyer.

How Does My Price Lawyers Lawyer Referral Service Work?

If you have a legal need, you start by calling (888) 473-6137 or by filling out a free case review form. A My Price Lawyers representative will follow up with you and help direct you to an attorney in the My Price Lawyers network at no charge.

*For most car accident cases, the attorney’s fees are 33 1/3 % of the recovery through the time of the lawsuit being filed and answered by the defense. If your case hasn’t settled by then, which many do, the fees go up to a higher rate (40%) because the litigation process begins. This doesn’t include litigation expenses. Fees are calculated on the gross settlement proceeds.

**This fee does not include the lawyers out of pocket litigation expenses.