Infographic: National Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month and a great time for parents to consider steps that can help prevent serious or fatal injury to small children. The infographic below provides data on infant and child safety. You can help protect your child from injury by:

  • Choosing age-appropriate toys
  • Reading instructions for use and care
  • Being cautious of warning labels
  • Checking toys and other products daily to ensure they are holding together

It is also a good idea to register new products with the manufacturer. If recalls are issued, you will be notified directly and have more time to react.

Please remember, children should be supervised by a responsible adult who can remain attentive and close at hand. This one step can help prevent a majority of fatal accidents involving children.

If your child is harmed through the negligence of someone else, call (888) 473-6137 to be referred to a qualified and affordable personal injury attorney.

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